Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Unknown Actor/Actress Chronicles

Okay, now that my initial blog stated my intent to show support to the unknown actors/actresses (especially one who truly doesn't belong 'down' here with us, but among the "Stars"), I will continue on with this mission to get this 'must see' actress out there.

So, as I am just a fan, what is it that makes a certain thespian stand out to a fan (AWA a casting director)?

Well, from what those around here in 'the biz' have said, "It's mostly all about timing, or perception, when finding someone to fit a roll rather than just talent, because basically, the exact person for a character doesn't 'seem' to exist." (you'll notice I used smaller case letters referring to the industry, as this City is only a small doorway to the greater entity, which has the proper reference of 'The Biz' - HollyWood).

From what they've seen (and some have seen it at 'The Biz' level) there's so much outside pressure to make a movie succeed, as well as try to anticipate all the vast 'unknowns' that could trip it up, that with ALL the work to get a project done, there's limited amounts of time set aside to find that certain special individual to fill a role (case in point - one of our friends know a former casting director who after successfully assisting on two huge projects, quit due to, as their doctor put it, "extreme stress.").  So with that, it stands that true fans need to get involved to combat this industry 'hammer' to get things done at the cost of the one thing that matters the most - having the characters soul.

Now I'm sure a few (or maybe even most) casting directors follow sites/forums/blogs for 'fan chatter', especially when it's specific to a role (like a Marvel character), so this blog agrees that fans have a certain expectation as to what we want to see on screen for a character (especially one that's specific), and it's not just all about 'the look' as "Yes", we do expect this as well, and there are some very 'pretty' actors/actresses, but get them on screen and they seriously can't deliver the characters soul.

I'm absolutely not saying anything bad about ANY actor/actress, as it is without question a very tough industry (what's the saying, "If it wasn't tough, everyone could do it, and "The tough is what makes it great!"), but once you're in front of true fans on screen, you're going to be judged on what you have in your inner soul with portraying any character.  Unfortunately, for some, if they haven't built (or developed) an inner soul, they can't carry the soul of another, and with that, they can't ever bring any characters soul to life.

Which brings me back to the realm of the unknown actors/actresses.  The biggest obstacle (and frustration) is that they're 'unknown' because of this toll of 'The Biz' (and 'the biz') and in the age of information, if we truly care about the souls of characters, especially when one can give a better outlook or viewpoint in life, even if only for 90 minutes, we have a responsibility to get the word out on an individual that has such a pure inner soul, there's no characters soul they can't touch ours with.  That character now lives because of what that actor/actress is (case in point #2 - even to this day, Christopher Reeve IS Superman).

With that, even the obvious hard work (and possibly even luck) on the recent Marvel movies to choose the right individuals to portray those characters, most who have been alive on paper longer than the actor or actress themselves, I would STILL have started this blog on this 'currently' unknown actress - Amelia Scott.

The reasons encompass the heart of this blog entry with the fact that hers is the soul that is the raw, the pain, the torment, the heart, the love, the lust, the character.  After seeing her work (some which I've posted and am soon to get additional pieces to add), there's no other way to describe what she puts into a character other than the pure soul of herself.

Even the undeniable fact that this actress looks exactly like Ms. Marvel (including Carol Danvers), this actresses soul is what true fans want of, and for, this character (and all characters for that matter), and in the Hollywood world where they bring the greatest of fantasy to reality, and vice-versa, then stack it up by a scale of bad to great - this actress is a true 'great' among them - Ms. Amelia Scott.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Found: A true undiscovered Hollywood star (and the real Ms. Marvel)!?!

To you out there who know the hard work at finding and casting the perfect individual who has that raw innate talent, or that certain 'it' factor, to fill a special role, and/or a number of roles - I am not an agent, actor, or have anything to do with the movie/film industry (other than taking pictures of my son riding his bike for the first time) - I'm here to say that I truly believe I've found a 'diamond-in-the-rough-unknown-actress' that truly has THE Hollywood star quality that will be seen today, tomorrow, and far into the future - and her name...

Amelia Scott

From her picture below you could definitely say, "Sure, sure; you just like Ms. Marvel because she's blond and hot - and so is this actress."  True, that connection is without question there, but that's NOT the real (or my overall) truth.

There's literally thousands of 'hot blond's' out there, and being in Victoria, hundreds of them are right here, but this girl isn't anything like one of those.  She's beyond anything that simple.  I'm singling her out because amidst just those other 'hot blond's' who may look the part, looking for their 'shot', and/or their 'big break' - not this one.  I've spoken to those who've worked with her and seen glimpses of her work, and her talent and reputation is a 'jump into the trenches and get your hands dirty', a 'work hard at what you believe in, and only then will you succeed' type of actress, and as a Marvel fan, that is the exact personality of a true Marvel hero, and even more so, a true Hollywood star.  She isn't one who'll just be in Hollywood, but will belong to it.  To add to it's greatness, right back to the days of the Silver Screen era, and here's why I can say this with absolute certainty.

You see, I've loved the movies as many others have (I'm sure there are lots of you that like them even more than I do), but the one thing I've noticed of late is that there's been a lull, a "gap" that doesn't seem to be being filled (I'm sure you've all felt it, and especially in the female arena), and what we really want is that one fresh new face that not only has that raw talent, but exudes it through their very core and brightens our lives with it, and for anyone who loves movies, you know it's all in the eyes

If you all but take one look at this actress, move past her obvious striking beauty, and just look into her eyes, you can't help but see the true depth of intensity that mimics some of the real greats like Marlon Brando, Clark Gable, Katherine Hepburn and even more so, the amazing Grace Kelly.  Yet in a flash you can also see the hidden sadness that's seen the eyes of Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe, and that's what a true actor IS, not just one that does (if you've ever read their true stories and look at some of Elvis' and Marilyn's real pictures where they're just caught in a moment, not posing, you'll see exactly what I mean thru Ms. Scott's eyes).

As I said, I've had the fortune of seeing bits of this actresses unknown work through friends who work in 'the biz' in the makeup, sound, lighting, etc. fields (I'm soon to get a small video that I can post from one of them), and in just those small pieces, as well as the way they speak of her, she shows a true clarity of producing emotions without using anything but her soul - on and off the set.  That's why I have the unbridled confidence that she is exactly what is wanted in Hollywood, not just because she is the exact look of Ms. Marvel, and is the true soul of this super-heroin, but ultimately because she has what Hollywood needs for ANY female character that requires the intensity, yet heartfelt passion of the true female that we can all cheer for, cry for, cringe for, and fall madly for.

So, this blog is NOT about a fan of some obvious rising star, but a fan of the greatness of the silver screen and what it IS.  Its strength and awe that it holds out to all of us, and when you come across an individual who shines this bright, and embodies a true Hollywood being that would add to the glory of this iconic entity through their incredible strength of talent, how can you not shout it out.

To any who would read this and feel the passion for the movies that has joined us together in joy, tears or laughter, for even just a few short moments, this is the true reason behind this blog.  To show you someone who doesn't just do this, but someone who IS this.  Who by their very persona does not belong here with the rest of us, but belongs in the stars for all to see, who will without question be one of the very brightest for US, not themselves - I sincerely give you a Hollywood star, and the real Ms. Marvel - Amelia Scott.